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About us


The congregation of St. Patrick’s Church, Waterford, is a mixed congregation. We have a diverse range of nationalities and cultures represented – people from Ethiopia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Congo, Denmark, Kenya, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Zimbabwe, England, Scotland, America, and Ireland.

St. Patrick's Church Waterford

St. Patrick,s Gateway Centre Waterford

The Church & Gateway Centre


The Methodist Church in Ireland now owns the St. Patrick’s site.


In faithfulness to the Methodist emphasis on service and outreach to the community the site is leased to the St. Patrick’s Gateway Centre Ltd, who have renovated the historic building and provided modern facilities so that it might continue to serve the people of Waterford in general and the inner city in particular. The Centre is thriving and hosts upwards of 25 different community groups activities; One of these is helping hands charity who provide meals free to the homeless.




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